Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Family Togetherness

We had a day of family togetherness today. DH had to go pick up his last check from his former job, and we all went with him. Then we went out to lunch. DH and the kids had cheeseburgers. I'm a vegetarian, so I grabbed a veggie burrito from the place a couple of doors down from the hamburger restaurant. After that, we picked up a microphone DH had lent a friend, and went and took care of some paperwork needed before he starts his new job in a couple of weeks.

Then, Barnes and Noble. I picked up the July issue of World of Cross Stitching (Southern Belle chart!), July issue of Just Cross Stitch, Lady Knight by Tamora Pierce, and Phantom Army of the Civil War and Other Southern Ghost Stories by Frank Spaeth. I am a sucker for true ghost stories!

I picked up the Just Cross Stitch for the M Designs Celtic Heart, but on closer looking, I really like several of the other charts as well. I'll probably end up stitching the ladybug one by Cindy Valentine, and maybe the herb ones by Marie Barber. And I love Pam Kellogg's bookmarks.

On the way home, we stopped for ice cream at Bruster's. Chocolate peanut butter chip for me, yum! Tomorrow, more family togetherness as we go to the aquarium.


At 6:29 AM, Blogger Doodlez said...

Hi Elfinlady.

I've just started my own Blog on Cross Stitching too. I'll be adding you to my list of daily blogs to read!

Happy blogging and Happy Stitching



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