Friday, July 16, 2004

The Aquarium was fun...

DD's favorite was the "Finding Nemo" tank. She loved looking at the "nemo fish" and "dory fish". They had a sturgeon petting pool, and DS got to pet a sturgeon. DD wanted to, but her arms weren't quite long enough to reach. My favorite was seeing the Leafy Seadragons. I even came home with a Seadragon plushie.

Poor DS went to a pool party yesterday, and came home sunburned all across his back. He can't even stand to wear a shirt, poor kid. I am putting cream on it, and hopefully he'll feel better soon. Other than that, he had a great time, and is already asking when he can go back and swim again. I guess next year we will have to buy a membership to our pool. We didn't get one this year since DS was out of town for better than half the summer.

So now, I'm just waiting for the Dish Network guy to come. It's something of a relief to finally be getting hooked up. It's not so much all the extra channels, as it is our lousy reception. At least now our picture and sound will be clear!


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