Sunday, August 01, 2004

The Atlanta TWBB GTG

Yesterday was the Atlanta area TWBB Get Together. It was hosted by Maria (hey, Maria, you need to start blogging!) and her mother. We had a great group of people. Valerie, Virginia, Stacey, Erin, Jen from MA , who was in town visiting inlaws, Kirsten from SC, who drove to be with us, and Jana and her sister. I don't think I forgot anyone!

Maria made some wonderful goodies, her rice pudding and cream puffs were to die for. The chocolate dipped strawberries weren't bad either.

As always, show and tell was inspiring. Virginia's Dragon Dreams Not Forgotten made me want to run out and buy the pattern. I don't want to stitch the ark, but I want to stitch the sea dragons and the firebird. Especially the firebird. Maria is another Dragon Dreams fan, and I passed the chart for Dragon's Quilt on to her, since I finished it there at the GTG. Here's a pic:

Several people brought no longer wanted stash to give away, and I came home with a nice chunk of it. Here's my haul: Just Nan Victorian Violets, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Surfin' Turtles, Jeanette Crews Presents Spellbound, Sekas Haunted Alphabet, La Broderie Giverny Sampler, Hillside Samplings Witches Brew (with fabric and thread & charm pack!), November 2000 Stitcher's World, and a fat quarter of a mystery fabric I think is tula. It's 10 count (or maybe 7), and white with gold sparklies. Best of all, I adopted Stacey's UFO of Waiting for Ships! It is almost done, and I hope to have a happy dance soon.

Somewhere along the line, we started discussing how certian people think you should not lick your floss. As it turns out, about half of us were floss lickers. Then somehow (I think I was in the bathroom at the time), ghettos were brought into the mix. So we decided that we are all a bunch of floss licking ghetto stitchers. LOL LOL!

Around six, we headed out to Hobby Lobby, where Stacey and I discovered that DMC is apparently changing the color of the 640 series of gray. The new ones are really, really green. Time to go hunting for old dye lots! LNS, here I come. After that, we went to dinner. The food was yummy, and the desserts were incredible. I had cappacino cake. The piece was so huge, I brought some home. Hmm, I think it's time for a snack! >:) Then, several of us headed over to Valerie's house to see her WIPs and finished pieces. And I got my cup I left at her house months ago!

I finally made it back to my car (left at Maria's) and headed home around midnight. Many thanks to Virginia, who led Stacey and me to I-20 so we could find our way from there to I-75 and make it to our respective homes. I pulled into my driveway a little after one. It ran late, but wow, we had a great time!


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