Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I had to take DD to the doctor this morning. She has a cough that she just couldn't shake. She had a great time breathing for the doctor, and having the doctor find Sleeping Beauty and Elmo in her ears. So the diagnosis was that her lungs are a little congested. We have medicine for her, and it might take a couple of weeks, but she will be fine. The doctor and pharmacist both warned me that the medicine will make her hyper. She does seem to be a bit overactive this afternoon, but I don't know if I would have noticed it if they hadn't mentioned that side effect. The doctor did offer me an inhaler type version of the meds that didn't have that effect, but I vividly remember how DS hated the mask we had to use for his inhaler medication when he had pneumonia, and what a struggle it was, and I opted for the syrup.

On the way from the doctor's to the drug store, I heard a radio commercial that just made me wonder who thought this could possibly be a good idea. It was for a $1 store, and they were advertising themselves as the place to go for all your thanksgiving needs. Set your table with cups and paper plates from the Dollar Tree! I kid you not! They were also touting their candy, and possibly other food items that they sell, and for after the meal, why, they have cleaning products and trash bags! I guess I should tell my MIL that she doesn't need to stress over hosting all of us for thanksgiving, since Dollar Tree will take care of her, LOL.


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