Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I've been quiet lately because of a combination of busy-ness and lack of an internet connection. The busy has slacked off some, and DH got the internet fixed, so here I am.

I've finished three more projects, which can be seen in my webshots album here.

GaFilk went pretty well. I had a lot of help hauling in the food and sodas this year. I was anxious a bit as a former friend was coming, but she pretty much left me alone. She also managed to make herself the talk of the convention Saturday afternoon, but like Forrest Gump, that's all I'm gonna say about that.

Some of my highlights of the con include having my fuzzy pajama pants petted by Becca Leathers, and making Rob Wynne laugh by telling him Wesley's mommy never told him about sex, and he didn't find out about it until he met Ashley Judd. And no, I don't expect most people to understand that last one. :)

I picked up many cds from Juanita, some replacing ancient tapes. They have already been ripped to my Zune. Likewise the Heather Alexander cds I bought from Michael. I also picked up a few books from Larry and Sally, one of them a Sally recommendation. I'm looking forward to reading it.

I planned pretty well and almost all the food got eaten, so all I had to haul home Sunday afternoon was the equipment and the new year decorations from the opening ceremonies.

Monday I still had the kids, as they didn't go back to school until Tuesday morning, so the day was spent resting and playing with them.

Tuesday I did a lot of running around. Took DH's car in for an oil change, went to the dr for my depo shot, ran by Harry's Farmers Market since they are practically right next to the doctor, and then to the post office to apply for a passport, and put a rush on it. Cancun in Feburary!

Tuesday evening, I received word that a friend whom we had all just seen at GaFilk had passed away suddenly Tuesday morning. Rest in Peace, Dave. You will be missed. I will always treasure the button you gave me last year, and it is on my desk clipped to Irv Koch's kittyhawk.


At 8:14 AM, Blogger Arthemise said...

Cool, you're a filker! I had friends who were filkers long ago. I used to go to cons as much as I could. Now that I'm actually in a real city and have easy access to cons, I haven't been to many. I guess they were more fun for me when I was a teen and in my 20s.


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