Monday, November 13, 2006

Not Again!

I took DS to Cub Scouts tonight, and when we came out afterward my car wouldn't start. It just made sort of a growling noise.

I called DH, and luckily he was home, so he came and picked us up. We aren't sure what's wrong with the car, but we suspect the starter. We do know it will have to be towed. What we are debating now is if it is worth fixing it, or if it's time to junk it. We really can't afford a new car right now, but we can't keep pouring money into this one either. :( And right now DH has a really long commute to work, so me dropping him off and keeping the car isn't an option. Sigh.

I guess it will all work out. We need to talk to my dad and grandmother about it tomorrow, since it is actually my grandmother's car.


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