Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy Dance and Stash

I finished up Quaker Swan tonight. I intend to eventually stitch a black one to go with it.

A few days ago, I found out one of my local Hobby Lobbies had nearly all their cross stitch charts on clearance for less than a dollar. Of course I took advantage! Here's my haul:

X-Plore Africa-Stephanie Seabrook Hedgepath/Jeanette Crews Design
Pretty as a Princess- Gloria and Pat
The Kingdom Sampler- Dragon Dreams
Love- Calico Crossroads
Griffin Kitten- X's & Oh's
For Amelia Wherever She May Go- Dimples Designs
Liberty- Birds of a Feather
Winter Wonder- Dragon Dreams
Castles by the Sea- TW Designworks
Cherished Teddies 46 Sports and Occupations- Gloria and Pat
For Every Little Princess and Her Prince- Alma Lynne
Endangered Young'uns- Gloria and Pat

The Gloria and Pat stuff isn't my usual cup of tea, but DD loves princesses, and the teddy book has a ballerina chart for her as well.

And of course I had to splurge a bit and order some stuff from the Nashville Market. My Pawprints order came today: Cross Eyed Kat's Mayan Mystery, Triangularity, and Maze, and Brittercup's A Touch of the Wilderness.
I'm still expecting a order from Needlecraft Corner: Snow Princess Palace, The Old West, Quaker Cat and Mouse, and some supplies to stitch these charts, and from Village Mountian Stitchery, The Trilogy's Secret Egg Hunt and more supplies. And fabric from Picture This Plus, as well as the new Firewing pattern, Snow.

And, I just won Teresa Wentzler's Christmas Ornaments pattern on Ebay!

Naughty me, no more stash for a long time now, LOL!


At 9:43 AM, Blogger Shannon said...

ooo, Nice Stash splurge ! :) Congrats !


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