Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New dryer, and stitching

I haven't posted here about my recent woes with major appliances. The dryer for months now has been squeaking. Still drying clothes fine, but squeaking. Started out as a tiny squeak, and escalated into a screech that it made the whole time it was running.

Then, the dishwasher sprang a leak in a hose. Of course, we didn't find out about this until the floor started buckling up. :( The dishwasher turned out to be a quick fix, all it needed was a hose, and it was fine. The floor is not fine, but I guess we'll fix it soon.

DH was pretty sure he knew what was wrong with the dryer, so we bought parts to fix it. $70 of parts later, the thing was a little better, but still screeched. DH just said, "I give up," and told me to buy a new dryer. We were going to get a Maytag Neptune to match the washer we bought back in May, but discovered that Maytag doesn't make that one anymore. So, since Lowes had Whirlpool appliances on sale, I am now the proud owner of a Whirlpool Duet dryer. And I've learned a lesson. Always buy the washer and dryer as a set, even if you think you don't need both.

Stitching Update: I've made some good progress on Isis Sophia. Was a little naughty and started Sue Page's ballerina from issue 45 of Cross Stitch Gold. It will be for DD, of course. I also managed to aquire the Festive issue of A Needle Pulling Thread, which has a Dragon Dreams Dust Bunny ornament in it, so I intend to start (and hopefully finish!) that soon.

I didn't meet all my goals from last January, but I did manage a few of them. And I finished off a couple of UFOs so I'm pretty happy with what I accomplished. Some ideas of what I'd like to do this year:

Finish Isis Sophia
Work on Sue Page Ballerina (ideally this would get finished, but I'm not holding my breath!)
Dust Bunny ornie
Finish Dance of the Summer Solstice (this one is so close to being done it's not funny)
Finish Quaker Bunny
Stitch 2 Quaker Swans, one white, one black
Work on Tradewinds
Do the 2 Tinkerbell kits from Christmas
Finish Blackwork Princess
Work on Mythic 1
Finish Stormbringer


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