Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Build a Bear and Earrings, Plus Weekend Fun-- Picture Heavy!

The kids are out of school for fall break this week. Monday and Tuesday passed quietly, so today I elected to do something fun. We went to Michaels to pick up pirate related crafts for Talk Like a Pirate Day, which is coming up on Friday. I had also decided to take them to Build a Bear.

On the way over, DD began once again making noises about wanting her ears pierced. She does this every so often, but has been too scared to go through with it. Today she mentioned specifically that she wanted butterfly earrings. I told her that first earrings are mostly little balls, and that I'd take her to Claire's at the mall and she could see the piercing earrings and the nice lady would tell her all about what it was like to get ear piercing. She liked this idea.

So, having obtained our piratey goodness at Michael's, we headed on to the mall. Claire's was our first stop. The very nice saleslady told her that it didn't hurt very much at all, and showed her the earrings. She saw a pair she liked, little pink crystal flowers, but she still wasn't convinced she wanted to go through with it, so we headed downstairs to Build a Bear. DD selected the Pumpkin Fun Kitty (I want one of these myself!), and DS selected the Pawsome Panda. Stuffing, fluffing, and dressing ensued.

Stuffing Pawsome Panda

Fluffing Pumpkin Fun Kitty

Pirate Kitty!

Baseball Bear!

Once we were through, I consulted with DD about the ear piercing. She really wanted the earrings, but she was scared. I told her she could sit in my lap, and that made her happy, so back to Claire's we went. We had to wait a bit, as only the one person was working, but DD was patient. While we were waiting, I explained to her how the piercing gun worked, and exactly what would happen. She was very brave. She cried a bit when the first was done, but didn't flinch at all, and there were no problems with doing the second either. By the time the lady was done cleaning her ears with antiseptic, she was feeling much better. She's complained a bit of them being sore, but she knew to expect that for a few days.

In old news, last Saturday we went to a Lowes Build and Grow clinic, and the kids built pirate ships.

Sunday we attended a singalong screening of the Muppet Movie at the Center for Puppetry Arts. That turned out to be a blast. Everyone got a goody bag (contents pictured below), and each thing was a prop to be used at a certain point in the movie. For example, we waved the plastic forks when Fozzie and Kermit turned left at the fork in the road, and the straw was for when Miss Piggy and Kermit drank champagne with a straw. It was much funner than any of us expected it to be.

I am hoping in the next few days to finish my Trick or Treat fairy, and to turn the Brightneedle piece DD just finished into a hanging, so there may be more pics soon.


At 8:27 PM, Blogger Erin (moviemuse) said...

Hey, I didn't know you were posting again! My goodness, they are both so grown up now. Good for her for getting her ears pierced; she is very brave. :-)

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