Saturday, September 11, 2004

My DH, the idiot

We had a tree fall earlier this week. DH decided to burn it this afternoon.

I was in the house with DD, and we heard this huge KABOOM! It scared poor DD into tears. I looked out the window, and DH seemed okay, so I decided that the noise hadn't come from him. Bad assumption. A couple of minutes later, he comes in the house telling me that he's burned, and I need to take him to the emergency room. Turns out he was in a hurry, and decided to pour 3/4 of a gallon of gas on the wood, and then light it. Resulting in the aforementioned KABOOM. Not being usually given to such idiocy, he now realizes that this was a very bad move.

So we soaked the wood with lots of water, retrieved DS from the neighbors house, asked another neighbor to keep an eye on the wood to make sure the fire didn't come back, and took off for the hospital. Luckily, emergency took him right in, no wait. He has burns on his face, arms, and chest. Nothing life threateaning, just painful. Very painful. He's still at the emergency room on morphine. They're keeping him a bit for observation, to make sure his face doesn't swell and obstruct his breathing, but it's unlikely they'll admit him to the hospital. I brought the kids home, and he'll call when he's ready to come home.

Oops, the phone just rang. It was him. Off to bring him home now!


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