Wednesday, September 01, 2004

What's On........Right Now?

What's on your 'bathroom counter' Right Now?

On the downstairs half bath counter-- portable cd player, 3 cds (Echo's Children-From the Hazel Tree, Jordin Kare-Parody Violation, and Lovers Lore and Loss, songs by Mercedes Lackey and DF Sanders), a tape (Joshua Kadison- Painted Desert Seranade), a plastic toy knife, a hairbrush, a bobby pin, a ponytail elastic, box of Cottonelle wipes, and Softsoap.

On the master bedroom bathroom counter- Bloom County mug, children's tylenol, shower cap, emery board, toothpaste, tampons, spoon, bag from CVS, Act flouride rinse, tums, Burt's Bees Orange Facial Cleanser, Burt's Bees Evening Primrose cream, comb, several slivers of soap, plastic cup, toothbrushes, prescription oral rinse, a bag from Shallowford Dental, softsoap, and a tape player and cassette (Leslie Fish Live!).

On the kids bathroom counter- four plastic cups, a glass, cherry shampoo, soap, Simple Green cleaner, toothbrush, water bottle belonging to one of my son's friends, Arm and Hammer Pet Fresh carpet deoderizer, bubble bath, toothpaste, and a nightlight.


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