Thursday, February 17, 2005

Not much going on

It's been sort of a quiet week. It seems to be dragging, since I'm looking forward to Saturday and roadtripping to Norwood's Niche with some other members of the GSFL.

DH is going to Chicago for work. It looks like he'll be there a week, maybe more. If more, he'll be flying home on the weekends. I'm not looking forward to him being gone, but I can deal. A few years ago, he had a job where he constantly traveled and I only saw him on the weekends. This won't be nearly so bad. :) Also, there's a possibility of a longer stint up there over the summer. If that happens, the kids and I will move up there with him for the summer. That's all very tentative right now, though. We'll see what happens.

Only one more day till Saturday! Whoo-hoo!


At 9:56 PM, Blogger Valerie (grvlgal) said...

I can't wait for Saturday either.

We'll miss you if you guys head up to Illinois for the summer, but a family has to do what a family has to do to pay the bills. You'll have to start a Chicago chapter of the GSFL if that happens. :D


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