Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Sunday I took the kids to the Ren Fair. They both had a great time, though DD was getting worn out by about 2:00. DS and DD attended the children's knighting ceremony and were made a knight and a princess respectively. :) They even got proclamations saying they're royalty of the village of Newcastle, that we are going to frame and hang in their rooms.

We're also in the process of rearranging the house to accomodate the furniture DH got when his mother broke up housekeeping. Most of it isn't really to my taste, but it's free furniture. I guess I can't complain. We put the china cabinet he got in my sewing room, and I'm going to keep stash in it. We also moved my computer there from the den, and the table DH was using as a desk in his office, to be a work table for me. Now all I have to do is put away my stuff. :)

DH also got a dining room table, which we put in the kitchen, and moved the kitchen table upstairs to his office to replace the one that I'm now using. There's a dresser and stuff to go in our bedroom, so we're going to have to move things around in there. The main thing I need to do right now though, is clean up the den and shampoo the carpet. DH's sound gear is going to move up there from the basement, and the basement is going to become the kids' playroom, which will free up our living room to be a living room again, yay!

I've even managed to do a little stitching lately. I had been having a slump. I'm still plugging away on Crystal Enchantress, and I've pulled out Once Upon A Time. I want to get both of those done for the fair. If I bust my butt, I should be able to do it.


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