Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I had a busy weekend.

The monthly filk was Saturday night. I got to catch up with some friends I hadn't seen since January. The music was great, as usual. I even worked a little on Earthdancer.

Sunday I went over to Ginny's house for a bit. I couldn't stay long, since DH had a class he had to get to. Angela was over there too, and we had fun chatting. I put in another thread length or two on Earthdancer. She's put away again now though, I really don't enjoy working on her.

When I got home Sunday afternoon, DH had a surprise for me. He'd gone out and gotten us a new bed! Well, a new matress and boxspring. We're keeping the old headboard and footboard. We'd been shopping around, and decided what we wanted, but I'd thought we were going to wait until we got our tax refund. He was sneaky though, and got it while I was gone. :D I love it, no more sore back in the morning.

I've started a new project, Sue Page's Crystal Enchantress. I didn't really need a another new start, but I'm really enjoying working on this one, and it's going pretty fast. In another day or two, I'll have enough to put up a progress pic.


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