Thursday, July 13, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

I've been running all over with the kids lately.

Saturday DD and I went to see Hello Kitty at Barnes and Noble.

Sunday we went to Build a Bear. They have a Hello Kitty, which of course DD wanted. It was originally supposed to be an early birthday gift, but DS wanted to make an animal too (I'd thought he was too old to be interested), so I've filed the trip under "fun summer activity" instead.

DD got the Hello Kitty and dressed it in Hello Kitty pajamas and Hello Kitty slippers. It is so cute! DS made a bunny and dressed it in a martial arts outfit. He calls it Tae Kwon Do Bunny. :)

Monday it was back to Barnes and Noble for an author reading and signing with Brad Strickland. He has written some pirate books that DS likes. We got the last in the pirate series, and the first in the new series he's writing, plus DS took his other two pirate books to be autographed. I really enjoyed Mr. Strickland's talk, he had some hilarious stories. He was really great with the kids too.

Tuesday was ballet and irish dance, part of the normal schedule.

Wednesday I went out to finish buying DD's birthday gifts.

That brings us up to today, when I found out that DH's relatives are coming down for DD's birthday, and that will probably necessitate having the party a week earlier than I had planned. As a matter of fact, the party will now probably be July 29, the day of the GSFL GTG. So, I am planning the party to be about 10 am, so I can still make the GTG in the afternoon.

And I had to run out this morning to buy goodie bag stuff, since we are going to have more kids at the party instead of just grandparents. Now I am all set for the party, I just need DH to talk to his relatives and confirm the date for me, and then I can advise my family and order the cake.

Tomorrow I will probably take the kids to pick blueberries at the local pick your own place.

Stitching Status: I'm on the second slot of round 3 of my rotation, Once Upon a Time. It is slow stitching on her, but I am making a little progress. My current "travel project" is Easter Fairy, and she is going pretty quickly. :) My travel project is supposed to be Quaker Rabbit, but my Orange Blossom Waterlilies has been taken by the Borrowers, so that piece is on hold until the new skein I ordered comes in.

Next up is supposed to be Scaredy Cats by Lizzie Kate, but if my threads I ordered come in time, I'm going to replace it with Happy Camper by Raise the Roof Designs, from the current issue of Just Cross Stitch. I hadn't seen the magazine when I planned this round of my rotation, and I want to get this piece stitched for DS to comemorate him going away to camp for the first time. He leaves on Sunday morning to go to Boy Scout camp, and will be home Wednesday afternoon.

I've aquired a new hobby as well. I've started scrapbooking. I've only done three pages so far, but I'm pretty pleased with them. They aren't great art, or terribly creative, but they are prettier than just sticking the photos in an album, and that's all I require. I have plans for a few more pages, but I need to order the papers and things for them.


At 7:41 AM, Blogger Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Build a bear is so much fun!! My hubby made a ninja monkey for himself a few years ago:) It was adorable.

Have fun with all that stitching and scrapbooking!

At 8:13 AM, Blogger Donna said...

Scrapbooking! Uh oh. You'd better be prepared for a major new addiction. All those pretty papers and stickers and markers...


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