Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Continuing Saga of the Aquarium Screen

Well, as y'all know, the company that makes the screen for our snake aquarium was going to send us a new one after UPS busted the first one. Yesterday it occured to me that it had been almost two weeks, and the screen still hadn't arrived. So DH called them up, and found out that the screen had been delivered, but refused, on April 27. Now, I'm the only one at home during the day, and I sure didn't refuse it. Hmm. Well, they decided to try sending the screen to us one more time.

While we were at lunch, we got a call from the customer service person. Seems she'd checked out the returned box, and it was damaged, just like the first one. So we're guessing that UPS returned this one without even delivering it. I guess they marked it refused so they didn't have to say, hey, we screwed up. Again! We aren't terribly happy with UPS at the moment, and I guess the company probably isn't either.

So now we are waiting for the third screen, and we'll see if UPS manages to get this one here undamaged.

As for stitching, I've started a rotation. This is my second week of it, and so far, so good. I have four pieces in the rotation, and I'm stitching on them each for a week at a time, Monday-Friday. Weekends are "free time" to stitch on whatever I feel like, or to participate in SALs. My four pieces are Isis Sophia, Triple Goddess, Firebird, and Dance of the Summer Solstice. This rotation format worked well for me a few years ago, so I am hoping I can make it work again.


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