Saturday, July 01, 2006

Good Day Today

I have finished my back to school shopping, and school doesn't start for another month! I shall not have to fight all the last minute back to school shoppers this year. :)

I bought most of the kids supplies earlier this week, and boy, you would not believe the sheer amount of crayons and glue sticks the school wants a kindergartener to have!

Today, we bought shoes (Stride Rite had a clearance sale whoohoo!), lunch bags, and backpacks. I also got the new shirt DS needs for Cub Scout camp, and the mouthpiece and cup he needs to be on the TKD sparring team. There is more equipment, but the Master advised me to wait and see if he sticks with it before investing in anything expensive.

My Hide and Seek print arrived today too, and I took it to be framed. I'm pretty happy with my choice, and I can't wait to get it back.

Around 5, picked up DH from work and went out to dinner. Afterwards, got a new mouse for my computer (the right click button on mine broke), and picked up a gift to put away for DD's birthday next month.

She has been wanting a gameboy for quite awhile, and we found a bundle of a pink gameboy advance sp, a Disney Princess game, and a Dora the Explorer game. And these are the exact games she has been wanting. So I managed to buy it without her knowing, and her major birthday gift is taken care of! :) I am a little worried that she might have problems playing the games (she will be turning 5), but I doubt Dora the Explorer appeals to kids much older than her, so hopefully it will be easy for her to play. I know she'll be thrilled when she opens it up!

I need to go and grab her party supplies soon. She waffled between having a Barbie party or a Dora the Explorer party, and then suddenly decided that she wanted Hello Kitty. So a Hello Kitty party it will be.

Stitchingwise, I made a lot of progress on Dance of the Summer Solstice in the last week. I'm hoping to finish it next rotation. Last night at TKD, I started the Ants Towel in the current issue of Cross Stitcher. I was hoping to finish it up today, but I spent hardly any time at home, so it will be finished tomorrow. I have all the ants stitched, I just need to backstitch on their little legs and feelers.

Round three of my rotation starts Monday, and I still haven't decided what will replace Firebird. I'll go through my pieces tomorrow and decide. Maybe something small for a quick finish.


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