Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Cooled off a bit now

I've had a few minutes to cool off, and I've decided it's not worth my time to be pissed over this. I shouldn't have asked for the money for the sword, even though Destructo J broke it while misusing it, and it was brand new. As I said though, I wouldn't have asked for reimbursement had I not been asked to replace the old toy gun that DS broke.

I'm not too worried about the situation at the bus stop anymore, I figure if J's mom really wanted to ask for money for the slide, she'd have called me about it. If I do get asked, I'll just explain my point of view, and not part with any cash.

Good things did happen today. I keep meaning to join in on the Walk to Rivendell BB, but life keeps getting in the way. Today I bought a Leslie Sansone walking video, and I really liked it. :) Now, if I can just stay motivated to keep doing it. :)

Now, I am off to a meeting about Cub Scout summer camp. It will be the first time DS goes to an overnight camp!


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