Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Four Shots!

That's how many DD got, and she was so brave, and didn't cry at all. I was so proud of her. I kept her home from school for the rest of the day in case she had a reaction to the shots, but she seems to be fine.

I never blogged about our trip to Fernbank. We went on August 12, to catch their exhibit on chocolate before it ended. Even DH enjoyed that exhibit, and he had not expected to. We saw how chocolate is made, starting with the cacao pods. We learned about the Mayans and Aztecs using cacao beans as money, and lots of other stuff. There was a little activity area for the kids. DD colored a cacao pod, then opened it up and colored the beans inside. Both kids made a Mayan headband.

I didn't care for the Walk Through Time in Georgia exhibit, which mostly consisted of taxidermied (is that a word?) animals. DD didn't like it either, but DH and DS loved it.

The children's discovery rooms were great, with one for the little kids and one for the older ones. DD got to play chameleon, feed "worms" to baby birds, fish for magnetic fish, and more. In the older kids room, DS and DD did net fishing, and a few other things. We really rushed these rooms, and the exhibit on the five senses as we were in a hurry to finish and get to the planetarium for a show. Since we have a membership, we plan to go back soon and do the third floor much more thouroughly. Probably after they open the exhibit on Ancient Rome at the end of September.

I almost forgot the dinosaurs! Fernbank has Argentinosaurus and Gigantosaurus.

My stitching has been going fairly well, except for Once Upon a Time. Right now, I really don't enjoy working on her, so I'm pulling her out of my rotation. I would love to have her finished, but right now it ain't happenin'. I'm plugging away on Happy Camper for DS as a travel project, and I've started Labyrinth.

Car and Teeth Update: My teeth are all fixed now, no more fillings, crowns, or root canals needed, yay! My car, which as some of you know, has been slowly dying for awhile, has been sort of healed. I discovered Wednesday that my right front tire was shredded. The treads were coming away from the tire. So Thursday it went for a new set of tires. Mechanic advised me that a bearing in the wheel needed replacing, or new tire would be shredded as well. So Friday it went in for that work. I asked them to also check it out to see why it had been stalling out on me at red lights, etc. Well, the check out didn't get done, so they told me to bring it back on the weekend and they'd look at it at no charge. So Sunday, back to the mechanic we went. When I picked up the car late in the afternoon, was told it was only a hose that was disintigrating, and they had replaced it at no charge. :) I was a bit shocked, since I had fully expected to pay for any work.

Now the car no longer pulls to the right, and drives much farther without stalling, but it does still stall out. They did tell me I need to change the spark plugs. I have no idea if that will help, but we're going to change them, and if that doesn't help, back to have them look at the car again.

Friday, we are leaving for Nashville to see the science museum and ride Thomas. I had planned to go to an LNS while there, but I think I've scrapped that plan. We'll spend an extra hour at the science museum instead.


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