Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ebay Woes

Aaargh! I have used Ebay for 6 years with no problems, and then yesterday, I get two ebay related problems in the same day.

First, a seller I bought a magazine from emailed me asking for more money for postage, since she underestimated how much it would cost. Now, I already paid what she had asked for postage in the auction, and it is against ebay policy for a seller to ask for more money after an auction has ended. So I declined to pay the extra. Hey, I've eaten postage before, when I underestimated it, and if the postage fee in the auction had been set to $6.10 instead of $3.85, I would not have bid. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to pay for the seller's mistake. And is she ever not happy about it!

Also yesterday, I received an unasked for refund from a seller I had bought a book from. The email from Paypal stated that per thier policy, I was being refunded, since the book was backordered. Fine. Then, I get an email from ebay telling me that this seller has filed a dispute with them saying that I never paid for the item. *Bangs Head* I responded to the dispute with the date I paid, and the text of the refund note. I'm not taking a black mark just because the seller wants their listing fees back. I haven't heard anything else about this one yet.

I have more stuff to write, after I take DD to the doctor for her checkup. Later!


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