Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pottery Painting

Fun times continued today as I decided on the spur of the moment to try paint your own pottery. We'd never done it before. I checked the place's website, and we hopped in the car and drove over, only to find them closed today. It would have been nice for them to mention that on their website, rather than their calendar saying business as usual!

Well, this is the metro area, and there is always somewhere else to go. So I got back on the computer, and found the Clay Cafe in Roswell. They serve desserts and coffee as well as doing the pottery. We didn't try any today, but I may indulge when I pick the stuff up on Tuesday. They even offered a 10% off coupon on their website, and they were OPEN. DS painted a football helmet shaped magnet, DD painted a jack o lantern on a flower shaped saucer, and I painted a wizard's hat. I had not intended to paint anything, but that hat was just too tempting.

Tomorrow we celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day, and Saturday we're going to the local nature center for a nature print t-shirt workshop. Sunday is a quiet day with nothing scheduled before the kids go back to school on Monday.


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