Thursday, February 05, 2009

How I spent my Saturday

Ok, Thursday is a bit late to be blogging about Saturday, but I was lazy. And my Saturday was cool.

My Dad came up to spend the day with us, but not at home.

Our first stop was the King Tut exhibit at the Civic Center. We already had our tickets, and it was pretty early in the day, so no waiting in line. Lots of stuff to see. The coffin of Thutmose's cat, and gorgeous jewelry are a couple that stick in my mind. There was one bracelet there that belonged to a princess that didn't look like it would fit my seven year old! It was tiny. The exhibit is fairly large. Their website said to allow 60 to 90 minutes, and it took us an hour and a half just about exactly, not counting time spent in the gift shop. We didn't see the movie they were showing, as it was an extra charge, and we didn't have time.

When we left there, we headed to Ted's Montana Grill for lunch. My Dad had never been, and we like it because I can get a yummy veggie plate, and the meat eaters have lots of choices. The kids and DH had various forms of bison. My dad wasn't sure he'd like bison, so he had a regular beef burger. We all had onion rings, the huge hand battered kind, so many in fact that we ended up taking a lot of them home! My dad always but always wears a cap, and we got him a furry one with bison horns on it. :D

After lunch, it was off to the High Museum to see the Terracotta Warriors. This exhibit wasn't as large as the Egyptian one, but it blew us away. When you walk into the gallery where the warriors are, it is a total WOW! moment. If any of you have the opportunity to see this, I definitely recommend it. After we were done with that exhibit, we checked out the current (and final) exhibit of things from the Louvre. By the time we reached the end of that one, it was five o'clock and the museum was closing. It was time to go home.

I have to say, both exhibits were great, and are worth seeing, but all of us thought the Terracotta Warriors was the better one.

Here's a slideshow of photos I took that day. No photos were allowed in the exhibits themselves, of course.

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