Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Break- Wednesday the Eighth

Wednesday we intended to see the Fire Museum, which was walking distance from the hotel. We found it, but it appeared to be closed, with lots of construction going on around it. It was very early, so we went to hang out in the Visitors Center and look at brochures until 10 when the Museum of Craft and Design opened. I'd decided I wanted to buy the book of the Bruce Metcalf exhibit.

We got the book, and picked up another hat for DH. The kids then wanted to go to Discovery Place again, so we did that for a bit. Then we went to Kinkos to make some copies before heading back to the hotel to meet DH for lunch.

In the afternoon, we took the car and drove out the the Reed Goldmine. They didn't take credit cards, and I'd forgotten to get cash, so the kids didn't get to do the gold panning. We did see the movie and go on the tour though. This is looking up a mine shaft. Fifty feet straight up.

Dinner was sloppy joes at the hotel. Zuchinni, tomatoes, and onions for me.


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