Saturday, November 20, 2004

GTG Today

Today I hosted a GTG for the Atlanta area TWBB stitchers. We had a pretty good crowd. Besides myself, there was Valerie, Ginny, Kirsten from South Carolina, Erin and baby Luke, Cindy, Jana, her sister Lori, and Stacey and her sister in law Rhonda and niece Brynna.

Lots of show and tell. We saw so many gorgeous pieces that I can't begin to list them. And beautiful hand dyed fabrics. Ginny brought me a piece of Picture This Plus Meditation for the Dragon Dreams pattern I bought when we went to Norwood's Niche. It's even big enough that there should be enough left over for Above the Clouds. :)

Midafternoon we road tripped to Abecedarius. I almost came home with a penguin snow globe kit, but decided on a chart of a polar bear looking in a igloo instead. I also bought a piece of light mocha cashel to use for Pam Kellogg's Victorian Jingle Bell Santa.

After Abecedarius, we headed back to my place, and stitched and chatted for awhile. We finally broke up about 7, though some had to leave earlier. All in all, a great day. Thanks to all y'all who came, I had a great time. Maria, we missed you, hope you are better soon.

Tomorrow morning, the family is heading to Missouri to spend a week with DH's parents. We are taking a side trip to St. Louis with DH's sister and her kids to visit the zoo and the science center, so the kids should really enjoy that. And Valerie, thanks much for looking after my fishie while I'm away. Otherwise, I might have had to take him along! LOL.


At 2:31 PM, Blogger Ginny said...

hope you have a wonderful trip!


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