Monday, February 21, 2005

Saturday was great!

I left home at 7 to head over to Valerie's. Maria met us there, and drove over to Ginny's, where we collected her and Angela, and then headed up to Rome. We got to Norwood's Niche right after it opened.

Much money was spent and stash aquired. I think we bought all the new TW releases. I know there were none of her limited edition pattern left. I was mostly good, and stayed within my budget. I got TW's You Were Hatched, Brenda Franklin's Sea Foam Sea Serpent, Fanta Cat's Spirit Within, and Enchanting Lair Fire Elemental, plus the Dinky Dyes Fantasy Blues silk and a spool of 003HL blending filament. I also joined the keychain club. The package that came with it was excellent. 51 freebies, several skiens of fibers, a pen and post it pad, plus 20% off of the Nashville releases and 5% off all other purchases for a year.

We stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch after leaving Norwood's. I wanted to try their Coca Cola chocolate cake, but I was too full after eating. Then we headed back to Ginny's. We oohed and ahhed over her handmade ornaments, then headed back to Valerie's, stopping at Hobby Lobby on the way. I stayed and chatted for a little while, but headed home about 7. I was so tired that I almost immediately fell into bed.

Sunday I didn't do very much at all. Then this morning, DH left for Chicago. The kids and I had to get up at three am so we could drive him to the airport, since his flight left at 6:30 and they want people there 2 hours ahead of time. We dropped DH at the airport at just about 4:30 exactly, and then headed home in the dark and the rain, yuck! We made home about 5:30, and the kids demanded breakfast. I fed them, and then took a nap while they watched tv and played.

DH called me around 10 or a bit after to let me know he had made it safely. His plane had ended up leaving 2 hours late because the airline screwed up some paperwork!

Then I made a Kinkos run to make working copies, and raided Hobby Lobby for floss. I've started Wanna Trade, one of the Nashville freebies, from Cross Eyed Kat.

Now, I need to run to the grocery store, and I'm set. :)


At 8:55 AM, Blogger Valerie (grvlgal) said...

Saturday was totally awesome! I can't wait for the 12th to see you guys again!

Glad to hear your DH made it to Chicago safely.

Have fun stitching your new stash! :>


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