Monday, October 01, 2007

Whew! I have had an eventful few days.

Thursday- Finally made up my mind to try the Medifast diet that is working for DH (and would work better if he actually stuck to the diet!), and ordered the food. Was hoping to start today (Oct 1) but the food hasn't arrived yet. (Thought they shipped 2 day, apparently not).

Friday- Had decided to take up bike riding again (for the first time since childhood) in my quest to lose weight and get a little fitter. DH and I go out for breakfast (Waffle House for the last time before I start my diet!), and then to the bike store downtown. We accomplish breakfast, but on the way to look at bikes, car loses power and simply will not go. DH coasts it into a parking lot. Tow truck is called. Tow truck driver has his wife with him, and mutters something about it being illegal to take two people. That sounds weird, but not wanting to deal with it, I decide to walk home (about 3 miles). DH goes with car to garage. Plan is for me to get his car from home and pick him up, but he decides to walk home from the garage, and I meet him at the entrance of our subdivision as I am driving to pick him up.

Diagnosis on car is that it needs a new fuel pump. Okay.

Kids return home from school. A bit later, I take kids to their Tae Kwon Do class. Pick up hot dogs for supper, return home. Power is out. Husband gone, left message that he was walking to garage since power is out at home. Call his cell, he has only made it out of subdivision. Pick up husband, pick up kids from TKD. Check on car. Still a couple of hours before repair is done. Go home, drag out camping stove, cook hot dogs. DH goes out to buy cigarettes (yuck! he needs to quit!). Stays gone much too long. Try to call him twice, turns out his phone was not working properly. Phone rings, figure it is about the car, but fail to answer before caller hangs up. DH arrives home just then. Go to garage to find out about car.

Oh joy, car is still not fixed. New fuel pump is installed, but car still not firing. They are checking all the connections and stuff. Car will not be ready before tomorrow.

Back home, power still out. Light candles and lamps. Convince DD it is okay to go to sleep without a nightlight.
Finally, at 10:30, power comes back on.

Saturday- Nutcracker practice for the kids. DS is in it this year as well, since he has just started Irish dancing lessons. He's had two lessons so far. DD is a mouse again, DS is a soldier.

After practice, head into downtown for Fall Festival. D'oh! It's next weekend, I made a mistake! Oops! Go to bike shop we never made it to yesterday. Don't like the bikes they have, and consider them overpriced. Go home and research bikes more on the internet. Reluctantly decide if I want a good bike, I will have to pay about 3 times as much as I had originally planned. Discover Electra bikes and fall in love.

Go to pick up car. Turns out the fuel pump they put in was bad, and they had to get another. Car works now.

Later in the afternoon, attempt to visit another bike shop that turns out to be no longer there. Then rush to a bike shop that carries Electra bikes before it closes so I can have a look at them. Bike shop doesn't have the one most liked, but does have my second choice. I try it out, and it comes home with me. Shop was willing to special order my first choice, but couldn't guarantee they could lower the seat on that one enough for me to be comfortable on it.

Sunday- Mostly quiet. Bought bike helmet and gloves. Now I just have to get my balance and confidence back, since I am sure I am quite a funny sight on the bike at the moment!

BTW, this is the bike I got.


At 1:39 AM, Blogger Gina said...

Nice bike! I need a bike myself...there's some nice areas here in Italy to ride in...


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