Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Break- Friday the tenth

DH had Friday off, and we headed out fairly early after again taking advantage of the hotel's breakfast.

First stop on the way home: Kings Mountain Park again. We arrived just behind several busloads of schoolchildren. They had an outside program before coming into the visitor center though, so we zipped through the museum answering questions, and played with old fashioned toys in peace. We went outside for a bit where a ranger was giving the schoolkids a demonstration of loading a period rifle.

We decided we really didn't want to do the trail again, so we headed back inside and turned in the junior ranger paperwork. Each kid got a plastic badge, a certificate, and a water bottle.

Back on the road, we headed for Greenville. Right outside the park, I managed to get this picture. It amused me, since we live in Cherokee County GA.

DH's birthday is April 11, and while we were driving, he suddenly announced he wanted to eat ribs at Sticky Fingers in Greenville for his birthday. Worked for me. When we made it to Greenville, we again stopped by Mast General Store, and picked up a few items. Then we headed to Sticky Fingers. As I had suspected, there was nothing on the menu I could eat, but everyone else enjoyed their meals. DH and DS both had ribs, a whole rack and a half rack respectively. DD had a barbecue sandwich, and a couple of DH's ribs.

Then it was back on the road for the final leg back home. We made it in around 5:30. DH immediately took a nap. After about an hour he woke up, and since I wasn't able to eat anything at lunch, we hopped in the car to go to my favorite burger place, which happens to sell yummy portabella mushroom sandwiches. We'd barely made it out of the driveway though, when the emergency siren went off. Back home, into the basement, and turn on the tv. Tornadoes had been sighted. In fact, our area was apparently supercell central! Finally at around 7:30, it was deemed safe to go out, and we headed for the restaurant again. I half expected us to be the only ones in the place, but other people crazy enough to go out were there too.

I got my portabella sandwich and sweet potato fries, a nice ending to spring break.


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