Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Break- Thursday the Ninth

Thursday morning we were all tired. We weren't sure what we wanted to do. It was our last day in Charlotte. Midmorning, the kids decided they wanted to go to Discovery Place again rather than drive half an hour to see the Latta Plantation. That suited me fine, since I wouldn't need to drive, so that's what we did.

On the way there, we ran into a big promotion for milk drinking. DD got a banana smoothie and her picture taken with the Quik Bunny. DS passed on both counts.

We got to Discovery Place to discover it crowded with school groups. No problem. We thought about seeing an Imax movie, but DD was the only one who really wanted to see Fly Me to the Moon, so we passed. She did get her face painted for free, though. I thought it looked really nice.

The kids played with the Gizmotron and the air cannon thing some more before we left. I purchased DD a Discovery Place tshirt. DS didn't find anything he wanted. In fact, he didn't get many things all week, so I took him to Starbucks and bought him a frappuccino. He loves them, and rarely gets one. He looked at the menu and told me he wanted a Grande Caramel frappuccino. Then he asked me what venti meant. I told him it was large. He sadly said, "I can't have one of those, can I?" Of course I got it for him, and he was surprised at how big it was. He did drink it all though.

After getting DS his drink, we wandered over to the Settlers Cemetery. That was stop 20 on our aborted walking tour, and was near the First Presbyterian Church, stop 21, so we ended up seeing all but 3 of our stops.

The cemetery is the oldest in Charlotte. City founder Thomas Polk is buried there. It's a park now. This is part of the cemetery with the Presbyterian church in the background.

Back to the hotel for an afternoon chilling out watching tv, reading, napping, and working on the junior ranger badge from Kings Mountain.

That evening, I persuaded DH to take us back to Brixx for one more meal before we left town.

These things are all over Seventh Street Station. Touch them and they light up and make noise.

After yummy pizza, we went to Uno for dessert to end the evening.


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