Saturday, September 25, 2004

Today Valerie and I went to see Ginny in the hospital. She's doing much better than I'd expected, but she's still not 100%. She was glad to have visitors, she's been in the hospital for almost 2 weeks now, and I think she's starting to get a bit stir crazy.

So we sat with Ginny for a couple of hours, and then ran over to Nease's Needlework, where we drooled over the models and the charts. Valerie was extra good, and didn't buy anything. I was almost as good, I only bought one chart, Epona II. We both saw lots of stuff to add to our wishlists. Especially Marbek's Guinevere, she was screaming loudly to come home with both of us. Maybe someday soon, and we'll bring her friend the Lady of the Lake too.

Then it was off to Ginny's apartment to collect a cat that Valerie is taking in as a favor to them. Poor Gizmo kept getting beaten up by the other kitties. :(

On my way home from Valerie's I stopped at Hobby Lobby. They had fat quarters of Natural Belfast on clearance for $9.33! Perfect fabric for my Epona! I also grabbed the floss, so I am all set to go on this one. It's going to be something of an experiment too. The chart lists the number of skeins per color needed, and we think that it is way off, so I'm going to keep track of how much I use and see how it compares. Now to cut and serge the fabric, and it'll be all ready for the first stitches.


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