Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Even if you're only going to get one item...

always get a cart at the grocery store! I stopped to get a frozen pizza. That's all, so I didn't get a cart. Well, I wound up with the pizza, a new bowl for DD of the kind that has a straw built in, a can of ravioli, a can of ABCs and 123s, a can of Dora the Explorer chicken noodle soup, two boxes of gummi fruit snacks, a bottle of caffeine free diet Dr Pepper, a tube of M&M minis, and two Milky Way Midnights. LOL. DD helped me carry it all to the checkout.

In other news, I've got DD on the waiting list to get into Pre K. I should have gotten her signed up long ago, but I didn't. Bad, bad Mommy! They think they will get her in within two to three weeks at the most. Tomorrow I get to start gathering all the paperwork I'll need when she gets a spot. Birth certificate (no, I don't already have it, Bad Mommy again!), shot records, sight, hearing and dental screening.

She is very anxious to go to school like her brother. She's requested a My Little Pony backpack. I don't think she really needs one for Pre K, but her brother carries one to school (not a My Little Pony one, LOL!), and she wants to be like him. :)

DD's birthday is Monday. She will be four. Her party is Saturday. It is a My Little Pony party, since DD is a bit obsessed with My Little Pony right now, or as she calls them, "show ponies". We have pony everything for this party. I took her to the party store and let her pick out stuff, and she wanted everything, of course. But she is happy, and it really wasn't very expensive.

Her Granny, Aunt, and cousins were supposed to come down from Illinois/Missouri for the party, but they won't be able to make it. Poor DD, she was really looking forward to having her cousins. We put together some really nifty goodie bags. Oh well, they are coming down a couple of weeks later, and can have them then. And it will be the weekend I'm in Nashville at CATS, so I don't have to deal with them, yay! :)

So it will just be my dad, my grandmother, my mom, and her husband at the party, plus the four of us. We are debating the idea of going to the laser show at Stone Mountain that night, DD has never been. It's been awhile since I've seen it, so I'd like to go again too.

DS started school on Monday. He's in the third grade. So far he is liking it. One thing I'm not pleased about though, is the return of the "communication journal". This is something that started last year in the second grade. It's a spiral bound notebook where your child writes you a letter once a week about "some of my feelings, questions, or concerns about things at school or at home. My teacher asks that you read what I wrote and respond by writing me back." Sounds like a decent idea, maybe? Well, after a while, I realized that all the kids were copying down the same letter, from the blackboard, I guess. Ugh. And guess what, the communication journal made it's reappearance today.

Oh well, I need to wind this up and go start supper for the kids. Dora noodle soup, yummy.


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