Saturday, December 24, 2005

Oh, I am so angry!

I had arrangements for my mother to come up today and see me and the kids. She was also going to take my guinea pigs to take care of while we're all in Missouri visiting DH's family. Then when I got back, I was going to go pick up the guinea pigs, so we each made the trip once.

I talked to her this morning, and everything was fine, she was planning to be here around noon. While I was out buying groceries, she called again and said she couldn't come after all. When I got home, I called her back to find out what was going on. It turns out the sorry son of a bitch she's married to won't bring her. He won't bring her to see her grandkids for the holiday! Around Thanksgiving, they drove all over the place seeing his relatives, though. I told her she shouldn't take that crap from him. She tried to excuse him saying he doesn't do christmas, and he gets depressed around the holidays and doesn't want to do anything. I told her that wasn't any excuse, and for her to tell him to get off his ass and bring her, or else put him on the phone and I'd tell him. She wouldn't though.

She has a car, but it's old and decrepit, and won't make such a long drive. I told her she should take his truck and come, but she's afraid to drive in the city traffic. I think she might be afraid of him too. I've suspected that when she hasn't shown for the kids' birthday parties and such, that he wouldn't let her come, and now I pretty much have the proof.

We're going to head down there sometime this afternoon to drop off the guinea pigs and let the kids get their presents. Mom was so upset at the thought of disappointing the kids. I told her she might want to suggest to her husband that he be elsewhere when we come, or else I'm liable to tell him what I think of him. I'm not scared of him, and right now I'm about fifteen different kinds of pissed off.


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