Friday, November 18, 2005

Transportation Adventures

This morning, I decided to run over to Toys R Us to return a Battle B Daman I bought as a holiday gift for DS. I had discovered that he already has that particular one. So I'm stopped at a red light, and I notice smoke coming from under the hood of my car. Not good. I pull into the next available parking lot, which happened to be for a strip mall, and popped the hood. Ugh, something had definitely happened, antifreeze was all over EVERYTHING. I know pretty much nothing about cars, so I had no idea what had happened, or if it was safe to try to drive it home (about 15 minutes away at that point). I tried to call DH, but he wasn't answering his cell phone. So I called my dad, and described the problem to him. He said it sounded like a radiator hose had burst, and I shouldn't try to drive it.

Okay, I think. I need to get a tow truck, I guess. So I looked around, and the likeliest place to borrow a phone book looked like the cookie store. The nice lady there gladly loaned me the yellow pages. While looking up tow truck numbers, I finally get hold of DH. He says not to call a tow truck, he can fix the car himself. He was in Chicago working (coming back home tonight), so he told me to catch MARTA to the airport and get his car so I'd be able to get home, pick up DD from Pre K, and generally get around. I hate playing Hunt the Car at the airport (did this once before), but it was the best option. I was going to catch a cab to a nearby MARTA park and ride, but the cookie store lady insisted on driving me there herself! I couldn't believe that she'd take so much trouble to help a stranger. I made sure she knew how incredibly grateful I was!

I caught the bus to the MARTA station, and the first train I boarded went out of service. No kidding, me and a bunch of other passengers sat on the train in the station for about 15 minutes, then they turned off all the lights on the train and told us we had to get off and take the next train, which luckily was just pulling into the station. At this point I was beginning to think I'd somehow pissed off the Gods of Transportation, LOL.

I finally made it to the airport, and called DH so he could tell me where he parked the car. I had a bit of trouble finding the car, but not too much. I finally made it home about 5 hours after I started out for the toy store, and about 30 minutes ahead of DS's school bus.

So tomorrow, DH is going to go over and fix my car, hopefully it will be just a hose replacement like we think.


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