Monday, October 17, 2005

Busy Weekend

Wow, the weekend just flew by.

On Saturday, DD had Nutcracker rehearsal and ballet class in the morning. The Nutcracker tshirts were in. DD can't wait to wear hers to school this morning! :) Then in the evening, we headed to Stone Mountain to see the Tour of Southern Ghosts. We were the first people in line, LOL. We found out in previous years that it pays to get there early since the lines can get really long. We were in line at 6, and the first tour started at 7. I don't think this year's was as good as previous years we've been, but it was still good. I'll definitely go back next year. We finished up the tour at about 10 till 8, and rushed over to see the laser show, which started at 8. Unfortunately, the only place we could find to sit was close to a speaker, and we had to leave partway through since the loud music was hurting DD's ears, plus she was exhausted since it was way past her bedtime. We enjoyed the part of the show we saw, though. Got home around 10 and put the kids straight to bed.

On Sunday, we went clothes shopping for the kids. They needed pajamas and some warmer clothes for the winter, especially DD. She's outgrown everything from last year. Kohl's was having a sale, and we ended up with two pairs of Sesame Street pajamas, Strawberry Shortcake slippers, a pair of pink and a pair of purple sweatpants, and a long sleeved My Little Pony tshirt for DD. DS got a pair of Batman pajamas and a pair of Superman pajamas, plus Spiderman slippers. The pajamas look like Batman and Superman's costumes, and even include little capes. He loves them. :) Oh, and we also bought a Snoopy book. Then at Target, I picked DS up a couple of pairs of jeans.

After the shopping, DH fixed our two loose porch steps. I'm no longer afraid of them coming up and tripping somebody unsuspecting.

This morning, I overslept by about 5 minutes. That's not too bad, but then DS had trouble with knots in his shoelaces. We almost missed the schoolbus. When we went out the door, it was already at the bus stop, and by the time we reached the road, it had already pulled away, but the nice bus driver stopped right in front of our house for him. I was really grateful for that, since it saved me a drive over to the school.

Now in a few minutes I'm going to take DD to her pre k. Later this morning I'm going to go to Hobby Lobby to try to find frames for the Dragon Virtues I finished recently. Not the Hobby Lobby with the awful framing department I've ranted about before, I have another close to me. I'll probably run to the new bead store that's opened up a couple of miles from me too, and see what classes she's going to offer. And tomorrow, the first part of Season One of He-Man comes out. I am unreasonably excited about that, LOL.


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