Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Catchup Post

Lots has been going on since I last posted

Most of us have had to go to the doctor. Only DH has escaped. DD caught cold before Halloween, plus developed a rash on her arm. I thought it was a bug bite, and DH thought it was poison ivy, so we treated it for those things. So it was about 2 weeks before we decided it might be ringworm and took her to the doctor. Sure enough, that was what it was. I also asked about the cold she still had (she'd had it about 2 weeks as well at that point), and the answer was "she's fine, bring her back if it doesn't go away." Well, 10 days later, it still hadn't gone away, so back to the doctor we went. All it took was one look in her mouth, and what do you know? She had a lovely throat infection. So she is now on antibiotic for that, and antifungal cream for the ringworm, and is finally getting better.

Then last Saturday, DS fell out of a tree he was climbing. I was away at the time doing some shopping, and recieved a call about it on my cell phone. I hurried home, and it was determined he had no broken bones, and hadn't cracked his head (he was wearing his bike helmet, smart kid). Since he seemed to be okay except for a few scratches, we decided against taking him to the emergency room. Sunday night, he told us his neck hurt when he scrunched it up, so to the doctor with him Monday afternoon. After checking him out, it seems he just had some sore/strained muscles, nothing major. Ibuprofen for a few days was the advice.

I caught DD's cold about 10 days or so after she started it. I haven't been able to shake it either, and my throat started hurting late Sunday, so I broke down and went to the doctor myself today. No throat infection for me, thank goodness, but the doctor gave me an antibiotic anyway, since I'm having such a hard time getting rid of it. It was a one dose thing that you take on an empty stomach, hopefully I will be better soon.

So endeth the tale of our medical woes. :)

DS's birthday party came off really well. Several of DS's friends came over, and they had a great time. And I only had to see the inlaws for a few hours. Afterwards, DH thanked me for being nice to his mother. I was tempted to ask him if he thanked his mother for being nice to me, but I kept my mouth shut.

For Halloween, DD was Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and DS was Dash from the Incredibles. I'd post a picture of them in their costumes, but it's been long enough that I figure nobody cares, LOL. They both got lots of candy, and they are slowly eating their way through it.

And last Sunday, DH finally got motivated to take down the dilapidated old wooden playset thing in our backyard. It was left over from the last people who lived here, and was really unsafe. He borrowed the neighbor's Sawzall, and asked my dad to come help him. So that is down and gone, and our backyard is minus an eyesore. :)

I have managed to start my holiday shopping as well. I already had a few things for DD, and I've added a couple more, plus some things for DS. In fact, I think I have nearly all the shopping for those two completed. There are a few things more to get, but I'm pretty sure I know just what I want, and then the stocking stuffers. I even know what I want to get my dad, and I have some ideas for DH. My mom and her husband are harder, no ideas there at all.

As for stitching, I haven't been doing any. Haven't really felt like it, what with being sick. I did finish up Native American at the end of October, but I haven't picked up a needle this month at all. I'm hoping to get back to it in the next couple of days, though.


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