Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Summer Fun/Book and Cook Day 3

Another busy day. Today we saw a community theater production of The Princess and the Pea. It was quite different, since they had several princesses in a contest to see who would marry the prince. In the end, most of them decided they would rather go to college instead! The one who ended up marrying the prince had already been to college. :D ElvenPrincess is doing a drama camp based around this play in July, so it was nice for her to get to see it.

We also did a trip to Build A Bear today. This will probably be a recurring trip over the summer, since there are several stuffies that DD has her eye on. Today's choice was the brand new Sparkly Snow Leopard. Sparkly because there are little bits of shiny thread (mylar?) in her fur.

ElvenPrincess Plays with Dr. Snowy

By the time we were done with that, we had to pick up ElvenDude from camp and rush to swim. After swim, supper and bed. Whew!

Our book of the day was, of course, the Princess and the Pea. Our recipes were Polkadot Pea Soup and Minty Pea pops. The pea pops are a frozen treat made with cream cheese, sugar, peppermint flavoring, and green peas. They must have been pretty good, the kids each ate two! The soup wasn't as popular, I think the seasonings weren't quite right.


At 10:17 AM, Blogger Erin (moviemuse) said...

Pea pops? Interesting. I can't say that combination every would have occurred to me!


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