Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Pity Party

Sigh. I finished up the last of my shopping today, except for my dad, so now I have a chance to sit back and wonder how we're going to pay for it all. It could have been worse, DH got a windfall of about $140 from a band he recorded a cd for. That went for gifts, but I had to charge about $200 of stuff on a credit card. I suggested to DH that we make arrangements with our families that the adults not exchange gifts this year, but he didn't care for that idea. No gifts for his family have been purchased yet, I'm leaving that to him.

Plus, I didn't even see the point in giving him a wishlist this year. He totally ignored them the last two years. He'll get me a gift certificate to an LNS, or a bookstore. Not that GC's are a bad thing, but it's so impersonal. I'd like to have a gift that he put some thought into, and picked out just for me. Maybe it's just as well, though, since he doesn't have the greatest track record in picking out gifts for me. Weird, because he's excellent at picking out gifts for everyone else. And I feel guilty even wanting him to buy me a gift when we're up to our ears in debt from his unemployment last year, and earlier this year. Maybe I'll just tell him not to bother with the gift certificates, that I don't need anything this year. At least it would save money that would be better spent paying bills than on more stuff that I don't need. :( At least the kids will have a nice holiday. I made sure of that, shopped for them before I bought anything for anyone else.

Bah, Humbug!


At 6:25 AM, Blogger Donna said...

sometimes all the fun gets sucked out this season for me too
I can totally sympathize


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