Sunday, December 12, 2004

Why do these things never happen during business hours?

Aaargh! The temporary crown the dentist put on my tooth Monday came off. I debated about calling him at home, since it didn't hurt, but I decided I'd better. He said to take a dab of toothpaste and use it to stick the crown back on, and come in to the office tomorrow. Getting the crown back on was fun, since the tooth is in the back of my mouth. I tried, DH tried, and then I tried again, and finally got it on. I think it's on properly, since it's fitting in and doesn't hurt. The toothpaste hitting the tooth hurt like hell, though.

On the upside, I've finished all the holiday shopping for the kids. :) I also bought the gift for my Mom's husband, and I know what I'm getting for my mom, just have to pick it up. I also know what I'm getting DH. I have my eye on an ebay auction for my grandmother's gift. Now, if I could just figure out something for my Dad, I'd be set!


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