Friday, December 17, 2004

Wow, that was stupid!

This afternoon, I decided to take DS and DD to buy gifts for their cousins in Missouri. I put my purse on the trunk of my car while I strapped DD into her carseat, just as I always do. Only this time, I drove off with the purse still on there! I realized it when I got to Target, but by then, it was too late. I retraced my route, but the purse was nowhere to be found.

It could have been much worse. I had no cash in there. There were several credit cards and my driver's license, but those were the only things of value. So the CC's are reported missing, and tomorrow I get to go to the DMV and replace my license. I was sad to lose the purse, a nearly new Tinkerbell one that DH bought me. :(

I really, really hope that my month gets better!


At 1:18 AM, Blogger Valerie (grvlgal) said...

Oh, Cris, I'm so sorry to hear this. :( Maybe a good Samaritan will find it and it will find its way back to you. {{{{{{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

At 12:26 PM, Blogger Jan said...

{{HUGS}}} Poor Chris. The same thing happen to my
mom a few years ago. Someone did find it. They returned it
after they took $50.00 out of it and claimed there
wasn't any money in it when they found it in the middle
of the road. (which I don't believe for one minuet) Lucky
for her only her driver's licence and SSN card was
in her wallet.

Jan J.


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