Monday, January 03, 2005

Yay! I've been stitiching!

Finally, after a two month slump, I've started stitching again. I started Tradewinds (for my mom) and Sweetheart. I'm using 25 count antique white lugana for Tradewinds and 28 count honeysuckle pink jobelan for Sweetheart.

I've gotten most of Sweetheart's saddle stitched, and am now eyeing all the confetti greenery. On Tradewinds, I've outlined the compass block and the telescope block, and have most of the over one telescope stitched. I'll get that finished today. I'd hoped to finish it yesterday, but it just didn't happen.

I want to start Cloister Garden soon as well.

In other news, I'm liking the heart statue much better. I guess it just had to grow on me. I still think the clock is ugly though. :P And my DH went out of his way to go get me an austrian crystal crescent moon. :) Now I just need a chain or ribbon to hang it from.

Now that I'm back stitching, I need to get back into reading as well. I want to read Dion Fortune's Sea Priestess. DH highly recommends it.


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