Thursday, August 18, 2005

Search oddness

Okay, so like many other people, I've been collecting odd search terms people find my blog with. Here are a few of them.

no dragons on my quilt-- Sorry, the only quilt on my blog has dragons.

chocolate, kelly's, no peanuts-- I have no idea who Kelly is, but I don't have her chocolate, with or without nuts. If I did have it, it would have lasted about 5 minutes in this house. :)

measured her feet-- ??? I simply have no idea about this one.

why do we even have that lever?-- LOL, I must have blogged about The Emperor's New Groove at some point. :)

Tinkerbell Leotard from Target-- Nope, none here. I know I've mentioned Tink and leotards here though. Probably Target too.

Dora Soup-- I did mention this. And, oddly, this blog comes up as the #16 hit on Yahoo for that search.


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