Sunday, September 18, 2005

Stitching Update

I've been plugging along on Stormbringer. The top border is done, and most of the webbing in the dragon's wings. I'm working on the left side of the border now. I'm hoping to finish that today, if I get really motivated. Then I'll start on the rayons in the dragon.

I haven't gotten my JCS Ornament Issue yet. I'm having trouble locating a place around here that sells it. I'm going to take a trip to Barnes and Noble this morning to see if they have it in yet. I've found out that calling is pretty much useless, since the staff don't have a clue about cross stitching magazines.

In other news, DD is going to be in the Nutcracker that her ballet school puts on. She's going to be a snow flurry. :) This means Saturday morning practices for two months starting in October. They take place right before her ballet lesson, though, so that's no problem at all. The performance fee was a bit hefty, but I suppose it will be worth it if she has a good time. I've never seen it, but their Nutcracker is supposed to be very professional. There's a pre-professional dance company attached to the ballet school, and they do the main roles. The kids try out to be snow flurries, mice, angels, and soldiers, depending on their ages.

DS is doing very well in Tae Kwan Do. His master told me he just missed being able to belt test this month, and will certainly be ready to belt test the time next month's tests roll around. So in October, he should be able to move up from a white belt to yellow.

Well, now I'm off to Barnes and Noble, and then home to stitch on Stormbringer.


At 1:58 PM, Blogger Medieval Needle said...

Being in the Nutcracker is something she will never forget. I always wanted to do it but never could. Years and years later as an adult I finally got to be in the Nutcracker - as a belly dancer in the Arabian dance scene.


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