Thursday, February 02, 2006

Car is running again! Yay!

The problem with the antifreeze turned out to be a missing little rubber cap, possibly accidentally knocked off while DH was changing the hoses. I also needed a new serpentine belt. Then, when the mechanic got the belt off to replace it, he discovered the water pump was leaky. He didn't find it out at first because apparently the belt was holding everything in place, even under a pressure test. So I needed a new waterpump as well. And while I was there, I got the oil changed. So while it wasn't exactly cheap, it was well in the realm of affordable, and now my car works. Yay!

While I was sitting in the waiting room, I got quite a bit done on Fairy Tale Sampler. I'm hoping to get it finished soon. :) And when I got home, I found the new Mirabilia Stargazer and the beads for her had been delivered by my mailperson. I'm itching to start her, but I'm still waiting on my fabric from Silkweaver. I ordered a piece of Intrigue cashel to do her on.

I'm thinking before I go any farther on Fairy Tale Sampler, I'm going to pull out Tybee Light and finish it up. There are only maybe two or three hours worth of stitching left on it. Then I'll pick Fairy Tale Sampler up again and see how far I can get on it before my fabric comes from Silkweaver and I start Stargazer. If I stitch fast, maybe I can even finish it too, LOL.


At 10:14 AM, Blogger Shannon said...

Glad to hear the car wasn't anything too major. Everytime I hear my truck creek or groan, I'm convinced I'll need a new engine with my luck LOL


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