Thursday, February 23, 2006

Stash Report and Stitching Goals

Saturday, I went to Norwood's Niche with Ginny and Angela, for their Nashville Market Day. We had a blast. I bought:

Who Knew- Firebird
Little River- Stitch Witch
Brenda Franklin Designs- Love at First Sight
Brenda Franklin Designs- A Taste of Winter
Dragon Dreams- Proof!
Dragon Dreams- Imagination Creation
Kate's Creations- Celtic Woman Sampler
Dinky Dyes Silk Christmas Pines (for Proof!)
Petite Treasure Braid PB10 (am planning to use this instead of beads for the moon on Fairy Moon)
Needle Necessities Fall Foliage (for Stitch Witch)
Weeks Dye Works Hot Rod (3 skeins), Louisiana Hot Sauce (2 skeins), and Marigold (for Firebird)
And of course, the keychain club. 20% off the Nashville releases on that day, plus 5 percent off any orders for a year, plus bunches of freebies, several skeins of thread, and a notepad and pen.

I have also ordered fabric for Celtic Woman Sampler and a new piece for Stargazer, and the Mirabilia Easter Fairy kit.

I've been thinking about it, and I've figured out some things I'd like to accomplish this year stitching wise. These aren't hard and fast goals, and I doubt I'll do all of them 'cause there's a lot here, but I'd like to:

Finish Tybee Light- This one is already done!
Finish Fairy Tale Sampler
Finish Firebird (started it Sunday, and love stitching it!)
Finish Crystal Enchantress
Work on Once Upon a Time (Ideally I'd like to finish, but I really dislike working on her right now)
Work on Fairy Moon
Work on Stargazer
Work on Tradewinds
Work on Enchanter
Work on Stormbringer
Start & Finish Imagination Creation
Finish Christmas Elf Fairy
Do Dragon Dreams Dust Bunnies, assuming I like it when it's released in April
Work on Celtic Woman Sampler
Finish Triple Goddess
Work on Dance of the Summer Solstice

Now I'm off to put the kids to bed, shower, and stitch. Fairytale Sampler is up tonight.


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