Monday, March 27, 2006

DS and Stitching

We had an appointment with DS's cardiologist this morning. They did an EKG on him, which looked fine. We have another appointment next week for another EKG, and they'll probably put a holter monitor on him, just to make sure everything's okay. DS went to school after the appointment. We didn't quite make it in time for him to be counted present for the day, but I wanted him to go anyhow, and start getting back in the swing of things, since he'd been absent for most of last week.

As for stitching, last night I realized there is no possible way I can finish my "secret project" in time for the deadline I'd set for myself. No problem, though, it gets done when it gets done. I'm not going to stitch on it exclusively anymore, but it's going in my "active WIPs" box. That's the box that lives under my stitching table and contains the pieces I'm actually working on in a sort of screaming rotation. Many of them are ones that I hope to actually finish sometime soon. Right now in the box are:

Secret project, aka Witches Stitches Isis Sophia
The Workbasket Quaker Rabbit
The Workbasket Quaker Turtle
Enchanted Needle Triple Goddess
Whispered by the Wind Dance of the Summer Solstice
Funk and Weber Clownfish Puzzle freebie, modified to not be a puzzle
Who Knew Firebird
Mirabilia Fairy Moon (this one pretty much only comes out for Mira SAL weekends)
Dragon Dreams Fairy Tale Sampler (Likewise, this one pretty much only comes out for DD SALs)

And this afternoon I'm adding Mirabila Spring Fairy. Yeah, I know I should work on something already started, but I wanna start her, and one more WIP isn't going to make a difference. Ya know, I suspect telling myself that is how I aquired around 50 WIPs, and I'll be telling myself that again in April when Dragon Dreams Dust Bunnies comes out, LOL!


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