Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Recap- July so far

The first couple of days of July, ElvenPrincess was finishing up art camp.

July 3rd we went out to dinner and had an experience that's funny now, but at the time, totally was not. We were eating at the Flying Biscuit Cafe, and I ordered the scrambled tofu, which I eat there quite often. This time, the dish had too much sauce, or seasoning, or something. I could not eat it. When our waiter eventually (very eventually!) checked on us, I told him it was overly seasoned. His response? "I hope it's edible anyway," and he wandered off again. I did finally get some food I could eat, but his attitude blew me away.

July fourth, we went to Medieval Times to celebrate. Last time we went, they had just changed the show, and we weren't terribly impressed. They've got it down pat now, and it was excellent. We had a great time, and our knight chose the ElvenPrincess as his Queen of Love and Beauty. She got to pull a sash off his lance, and she had her picture taken (it was later sold to us, of course, lol!).

July 6-10 ElvenDude had Fort Building camp in the afternoons. ElvenPrincess had a three day art class at the Foxtale Book Shop. Ballet lessons for Princess and Hip Hop lessons for Dude on Monday and Thursday.

Friday Elvendude had a sleepover in the fort he helped build. When I picked him up Saturday morning, I found he'd sprained his ankle pretty badly. Of course, nobody in charge had seen fit to notify me, sigh. Once I had him home, we managed to get him comfortable and get the swelling in his ankle down. He slept most of the day, since he hadn't managed much sleep Friday night due to the pain.

Saturday evening DD and I went to a free concert held in the little park downtown. ElvenLord and ElvenDude were both crashed out and didn't want to go. We had a pretty good time. It was Princess's first concert, and there was free face painting, and a bouncy castle, and I bought her a Pink Panther ice cream bar. She seemed to enjoy the music too.

Books read in July so far:

Briar's Book- Tamora Pierce
Austinland- Shannon Hale (this book was AWFUL!)
The Mysterious Benedict Society- Trenton Lee Stewart
The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey- Trenton Lee Stewart


At 9:23 PM, Blogger Erin (moviemuse) said...

Sounds like a fabulous summer so far (except for the ankle; not cool). I still can't believe L starts pre-K 4 weeks from Monday.


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