Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Recap- June

Wow, I can't believe we're halfway through July already. I had intended to blog every day or two to keep up with what we were doing. So much for that plan! So, here's a quick rundown.

ElvenPrincess and I did one more day of Book and Cook, with a Felicity the American Girl doll theme. We made raspberry flummery, queen cakes, and we squeezed in the strawberry jam that we didn't make on Moose Muffin day.

June 8-12 was ballet camp for ElvenPrincess, and Curator Camp at the History Center for ElvenDude. 15th-19th was Camp Cosmos for Princess and Camp CSI for Dude. No swim during those two weeks.

June 22-26 was Flavors of America camp for Princess and sign language class for Dude. Back to swim lessons as well. On June 27, ElvenPrincess earned her senior brown belt in Tai Kwon Do. She's giving it up now though, in order to concentrate on dance.

And June 29-July 3 was Camp Imagine art camp for ElvenPrincess.

Books read in June (Just a list this time, no comments)

Realms of the Gods- Tamora Pierce
Doomed Queens- Kris Waldherr
Unexpected Magic- Diana Wynne Jones
Goose Girl- Shannon Hale
Enna Burning- Shannon Hale
River Secrets- Shannon Hale
Witch Way to the Mall- Esther Friesner
The Book of a Thousand Days- Shannon Hale
Nobody's Princess- Esther Friesner
Nobody's Prize- Esther Friesner
First Test- Tamora Pierce (re-read)
Page- Tamora Pierce (re-read)
Squire- Tamora Pierce (re-read)
Lady Knight- Tamora Pierce
Sandry's Book- Tamora Pierce
Tris's Book- Tamora Pierce
Daja's Book- Tamora Pierce


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