Monday, October 19, 2009

The Sweatpants Saga

I needed new sweats for the winter. I grabbed a pair of Hanes womens small. Once home, I discovered that they were much too big. Next I tried girls XL, which fit but I didn't like the tapered leg. So I got a pair of boys XL without trying them on. Dumb move. Those were too big as well. Passed them on to P. Purchased boys large sweatpants. This time I tried them on in the store, and they fit. So I pulled them out to wear Saturday, and they were too small! The darn things shrank in the wash!

Dug out the XL's I gave P, and they apparently also shrank in the wash, because they fit perfectly now. So back to Target for more sweats for me this morning. Getting pants that fit should not be this much trouble!

Oh, and I suspect the women's small I started with did shrink as well, just not enough to make them fit.


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