Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm a homeschool mom!

Well, it was a long time coming, but we finally made the decision. The ElvenDude is being withdrawn from public school and will be homeschooled now.

We decided to go the online school route. Keystone National Middle School is the one we chose. This morning I used their online system to enroll him in their 7th grade program. As soon as the schools open again after Thanksgiving, I can submit the paperwork and it will all be nice and legal.

Yesterday we purchased him a brand new MacBook to use for his courses. It isn't technically his yet. His grades have been very poor this year, and he has to show improvement. Lots of improvement. If he does well, at the end of 7th grade, it will be his. Otherwise, he gets our old Dell laptop, and the MacBook is confiscated for his sister's use.

ElvenPrincess is staying in public school for now. She is doing well. I'd like to have her in homeschool as well. We are waiting to see how it works out with ElvenDude. If all goes well, she will be homeschooled in the next school year.

Here's ElvenDude with his new shiny:


At 4:26 PM, Blogger Scott Holm said...

I think this is great, I'll be interested to follow your adventures in starting an online school. What are you most excited about? And do you have any reservations?

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